Make the difference

The days of “hospital visiting hours only” are gone

Hospitals understand having a caregiver present in the room improves the patient’s experience and recovery. The Caregiver Bed provides each caregiver:

– Convenience
– Comfort
– Safety
– Peace of mind




Easy to clean, sanitize, & disinfect






Easy to install

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Bottom Line Benefits

The bed returns the focus to taking care of the patient and improving their experience.

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“The Caregiver Bed has been an amazing addition to our patient rooms. We receive daily compliments from our patient families that they feel comfortable staying and are refreshed and ready to help in the care of their loved one.”

Bill Voloch, CEOWesley Healthcare

"We are very pleased with the Caregiver Beds and have received a lot of positive feedback from our parents regarding the comfort and convenience the beds provide them while staying with their children.”

Cary J. D'Ortona, COOArnold Palmer Hospital for Children

"The beds are amazing. They are easy to open and close. They are very comfortable. We love the way they fold up against the wall, leaving more room for other activities when needed. These beds are a blessing for the families of our patients."

Jo Ellen McCarthy, MBA, CHEP Director, General Services, Safety & RiskShriners Hospitals for Children

“Our Caregiver Beds were installed in the fall of 2016. Before we got these beds, we received a number of complaints from dads about how uncomfortable our sleeper chairs were. Those sleeper chairs were like fold out couches - only narrower. The negative comments would show up on our otherwise very positive patient satisfaction surveys, and I would also hear those comments as I made patient rounds. Since we have made the change to the Caregiver Beds, we have heard nothing but good comments from dads and other family members. If beds are mentioned in the patient surveys, it is to say that they are a big improvement. Dads who have had prior babies with us often comment on how much more comfortable these beds are than what we had before. We are very satisfied with the Caregiver Beds and so are our patients and families. I’m very glad we got them.”

Debbie Rieb, ManagerSusan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Family Birth Center

“I have a soft-spot for newborns and their families, and routinely stop in our families rooms to congratulate them on their new family members. Most of them have had wonderful experiences, but I often heard comments from the Dads about not sleeping well. Since making the change to the Caregiver Beds, not only am I hearing positive comments about their experiences, but our patient satisfaction scores for our ‘Room’ section has seen a significant improvement. It’s been a positive for both our families, and our Hospital.”

Jim Kirkbride, President and CEOSusan B. Allen Memorial Hospital

“The Caregiver beds have provided many family members great comfort and much needed rest during what can be either a joyous occasion or a very challenging time. One family member commented that she felt so much better knowing she could stay right beside her loved one in a comfortable bed and out of the way for the nursing staff.”

April Bennett, MSN, RNVice President of Nursing Services, Freeman Health System